fine food marketing

Company History

Fine Food Marketing was founded in January 1992 with the goal of representing only the finest specialty foods. Starting with a spice line, the company has since expanded to selling over 35 lines in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and North & South Carolina. 


The company exhibits in the Atlanta Gift Mart two times a year and all the reps travel extensively in the region, visiting gift, gourmet and grocery businesses. The company prides itself on representing only the best products within each category.  The company maintains a web site which serves as a color wholesale reference catalogue to its customers. A member of NASFT for many years, Fine Food Marketing is dedicated to personal customer service and providing the finest in gourmet and gift selections.


Currently the Company sells to a base of over 2,500 customers in the southeastern United States and is continually growing that base.


Fine Food Marketing is headquartered in the southeastern USA in Atlanta, Georgia, a city with a population of 5,000,000 people. This region is the fastest growing area of the US and will continue to see population increases in the next 20 years. It is estimated that the Atlanta region will reach 7,000,000 people by 2025.


It should be noted that Fine Food Marketing has active customer base of approximately 1,000 customers and covers a geographic area from North Carolina south to Georgia and west to Mississippi.


In the large retail food area, there are two major food chains that are currently customers as well.


Whole Foods Market –

Kroger Markets –


Fine Food Marketing currently represents 15+ products lines that span a variety of potential markets from high end supermarkets to smaller gourmet food and gift shops. The company’s top lines include Republic of Tea, Kimmie Candy Company, Barhyte, Belgium’s Chocolate Source, and Bay Beyond. For additional manufactures see the company website


Currently Fine Food Marketing has sales representatives in the following areas.


Atlanta Area – 2

South Carolina – 1

North Carolina – 1

Alabama – 1

Tennessee – 1


The goal of Fine Food Marketing in providing these multi-level services is to establish a relationship with a manufacturer that is able to provide targeted services during the various sages of the development of the manufacturing company. This enables the manufacturer to use the services as required without establishing new relationships or conflicting relationships.



  • One stop service supplier
  • Optimized cost structure. Fine Food Marketing can offer the level of service that best suits the manufacturer at a given time.
  • Act as manufacturer’s representative with large customers.


Any business relationship must be mutually beneficial and as such any contracts established with Fine Food marketing contain short term termination clauses. Fine Food Marketing is committed to assisting you in moving your company forward.